TransFresh Utilizes Apio’s Patented BreatheWay® Technology for Fresh Blueberries

TransFresh Announces Tectrol Storage Solution for Fresh Blueberries – A Revolutionary Technology Advancement Customized to Blueberry Storage Needs

August 6, 2014, Salinas, CA — TransFresh Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chiquita Brands, today announced that its flagship technology, Tectrol® Modified Atmosphere Packaging Systems, recognized worldwide for delivering an added level of protection to help ensure the quality and marketability of fresh strawberries, has now significantly modified the Tectrol System to help deliver more consistent supplies of fresh blueberries.
TransFresh has successfully completed a multi-year research and development initiative resulting in a unique Tectrol Storage Solution that utilizes Apio’s patented BreatheWay® Technology to deliver a sealed package system with adjustable oxygen transfer rates that react dynamically to changes in temperature and berry respiration for more reliable fresh blueberry storage. Apio is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Landec Corporation.

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