Intelimer Polymers®

Intelimer Polymers®

Intelimer Polymers® are semicrystalline graft copolymers that exhibit novel, valuable properties and benefits. The melting temperature of Intelimer Polymers can be tuned to a specific target temperature. Heating the polymer through this melting temperature produces a transition from a semicrystalline to an amorphous state. This transition can be used as a “temperature switch” to modulate properties such as viscosity, permeability, adhesion and specific volume. When the polymer is used to encapsulate an active ingredient, the “temperature switch” can be used to trigger release of the material.

Formulations based on Intelimer polymers can exhibit sustained release of active ingredients.
Release can be varied over a wide range, from days to months, by adjusting polymer characteristics.

Intelimer polymers simplify processing. Above the melting point, these polymers form a low viscosity fluid that can be combined with other ingredients without requiring solvents or the use of energy intensive mixing methods. Upon cooling the mixture below the melting point, crystallization occurs rapidly and the formulation assumes a solid form. Since the melting point can be adjusted over a wide temperature range, thermo sensitive materials like proteins can be formulated without significant loss of biological activity.

Intelimer polymers can be designed to contain over 80% renewable naturally sourced materials and can be supplied in both bioerodible and biocompatible forms.

Intelimer Polymers Molecule

Property Uses
Temperature triggered properties Food packaging, Seed coatings, Functional coatings,
Latent thermoset catalysts
Triggered release Drug delivery, Catalysts, Agrochemicals
Sustained release Injectable, implantable and transdermal drug delivery, Agrochemicals
Thermoplastic elastomer;
viscoelastic properties
Pressure sensitive adhesives
Surface modification, interfacial
property control and rheological
Personal care, Coatings