Landec has successfully developed new high-value products which we have commercialized through partners as well as our subsidiary businesses. We have commercialized a range of new products across several markets including biomedical, agricultural, and industrial market segments. Our Innovation and Partnering group seeks to jointly develop products and applications with partners to go from idea to commercialization. Key to our success is our capability resources and know-how.

Innovation and Partnering Resources

Rapid Innovation

  • A cross-functional staff of highly experienced polymer chemists, material scientists and engineers
  • Proven technology platforms with tunable properties to meet market needs

Polymer Synthesis

  • Multiple synthetic techniques including bulk, suspension, solution, and emulsion polymerization

Application Development

  • Chemical and physical characterization
  • Performance testing & feasibility evaluation


  • Small lot manufacture from 2 to 10 gallons
  • Pilot runs to evaluate reaction kinetics, reproducibility, and initial development studies


  • Through our partners we routinely produce in up to 3,000 gallon lots
  • Technology and process transfer

Quality & Regulatory Systems

  • ISO 9001