Controlled Release

Controlled Release

Intelimer Polymers® exhibit sharp, tunable properties over a wide range of conditions. With a wide range of processing options to choose from, an active ingredient can readily be incorporated into these polymers to create a formulation that controls the release of the active ingredient. Both bioerodible and non-bioerodible polymers may be used for this purpose. We can engineer release to occur in one of two ways.

Triggered release

The system (polymer plus active ingredient) can be tuned to release the active rapidly when a certain environmental condition is reached. Environmental triggers can include water, temperature, pH, pressure and other factors.

Sustained release

The system (polymer plus active ingredient) can be designed to release active over an extended period of time, from days to months, with a tailored release profile. Sustained release can maximize the effectiveness of an active by delivering it when and where it is needed within a precise delivery window.

Sample applications: Drug delivery, controlled release of pesticides in seed coatings, sprayable soil and foliar controlled release of pesticides, delivery of latent thermoset catalysts, sustained release of deodorizers, fragrances