Why Landec

Why Landec?

Sample Commercial Applications

BreatheWay packaging technology

IntelliCoat seed coatings

Personal care additivesTemperature triggered adhesives


For 25 years, Landec has worked closely with its strategic partners to launch differentiated new products that drive growth and profitability. At Landec, we identify unmet market needs and work closely with our partners to design new solutions that leapfrog existing technologies available in the market. Our proprietary polymers and unique solutions solve problems that other materials are unable to solve.

Market-leading companies choose to partner with Landec for the unique set of proprietary technologies, polymer synthesis capabilities and application development expertise that Landec has to offer. In addition, Landec’s collaborative and disciplined approach to the innovation process promotes “out-of-the box” thinking while maintaining aggressive project milestones.

Landec continues to seek new partners to develop next generation, commercially successful products in a number of new
markets. Landec is actively seeking new partners for our commercial applications and research interest areas.