Landec Partners

Landec proprietary polymers have commercial potential in a wide range of consumer, medical and industrial applications beyond those commercialized in its subsidiaries.

Below are examples of current Landec partners:

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. Personal Care Technology
Landec’s Intelimer polymer is now listed as an ingredient in over fifty personal care products – and that number is growing. Landec’s technology delivers rheological control properties and enhanced sensory benefits for skin care, hair care, sunscreen, anti-aging and over-the-counter acne prevention products.
INCOTEC Seed Coating Technology
INCOTEC, a leading provider of Coating and Seed Technology, licensed Landec’s Intellicoat® Pollinator Plus® technology which delays germination of male inbred corn on an exclusive world-wide basis. In December 2015, Incotec was acquired by Croda International, plc.
Chiquita Brand International Food Packaging Technology
Chiquita now uses Landec’s BreatheWay packaging technology to deliver bananas to more locations than ever before though its Chiquita-To-Go™ Program. BreatheWay membranes ensure bananas are fresh and ready to eat when purchased.
Windset Farms Food Packaging Technology
Apio views Windset Farms as one of the most advanced hydroponic vegetable producer in North America. Windset licensed the exclusive rights to Apio’s BreatheWay packaging technology to extend the shelf life of it greenhouse grown cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers. In addition, in February 2011, Apio made 20% equity investment in Windset Farms. Apio increased the equity investment to 27% in 2015.
Nitta Corporation
Temperature Modulated Adhesion
Landec’s partnership with Nitta in Asia uses of the Intelimer Polymer technology to turn adhesion ON and OFF in pressure sensitive adhesive systems. Nitta Corporation primarily sells these pressure sensitive adhesive films into the electronics industry to assist in the production of ceramic capacitors and other electronic components.