Lifecore Biomedical

Lifecore Biomedical, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Landec Corporation, is a leading developer and supplier of premium hyaluronan or Sodium Hyaluronate (NaHy) and other biomaterials for medical device applications. Hyaluronan is a physiological substance that is widely distributed in the extracellular matrix and connective tissues in both animals and humans, particularly in the aqueous humor of the eye, synovial fluid, skin, and umbilical cord. The viscoelastic properties and the water solubility of this non-crystalline polymer make it ideal for medical device applications where lubricity, protection and cushioning are critical. Landec considers NaHy an important biomaterial technology platform for future growth.

Lifecore Biomedical’s pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing facility is located in Chaska, Minnesota. Lifecore has a proprietary position and expertise in the bacterial fermentation and purification of NaHy as well as a proprietary sterile filtration process that enables the highly viscous solution to be packaged in its state-of-the-art aseptic filling facilities. Lifecore NaHy can be manufactured in a broad range of molecular weights for an increasing number of therapeutic treatments, including cataract surgery, osteoarthritis, spinal fusion, medical device coatings, aesthetics and drug delivery. The company provides a comprehensive quality support infrastructure to ensure compliance with global regulatory requirements.

As the demand for sodium hyaluronate grows, Lifecore’s in-depth expertise in hyaluronan, bacterial fermentation and aseptic filling will facilitate new innovations, further strengthening Lifecore’s position as a leading provider of medical-grade hyaluronan and other biomaterials.

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