Apio Fresh-cut Produce

Apio Inc, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Landec, has become a leader in the US fresh-cut vegetable market by combining Landec’s proprietary BreatheWay® food packaging technology, the strength of two major national brands, and the capabilities of a large national food processor and distributor.

Landec’s BreatheWay technology is a gas permeable membrane that automatically adjusts to compensate for temperature fluctuations in the cold chain process. This capability preserves the ideal environment inside packaged produce, keeping it fresh longer – naturally.

At Apio, produce is prepared and packaged under the Eat Smart® and GreenLine® brands and sold to retail, club and foodservice customers. Apio offers a variety of fresh-cut vegetable bags and trays that meet consumer needs for nourishing, high quality and timesaving products. Apio’s processing facilities located on both the west and east coasts of the United States, receive large shipments of freshly harvested produce on a daily basis. The produce is unloaded, inspected, cut, washed, and then packaged into the desired, ready-to-eat consumer bag or tray configurations. All along the way, Apio is committed to the highest levels of product quality and food safety standards.

Apio continues to grow its core food business, purchasing GreenLine Holding Company in April 2012 (GreenLine acquisition benefits) and making a 20% equity investment in Windset Farms a leader in hydroponic farming in 2011.

Eat Smart and GreenLine Brands are in over 80% of National Retailers

  • One Company
  • Two Leading Brands
  • Nationwide Processing & Distribution
  • Year-Round Sourcing
  • Retail Stores, Club Stores and Food Service

To learn more about Apio and Apio’s brands, visit
www.apioinc.com, www.eat-smart.net, www.greenlinefoods.com, www.breatheway.com