Speciality Adhesives

Specialty Adhesives

Intelimer TapeLandec leverages the unique temperature triggered properties of Intelimer Polymers® to create adhesives that reversibly transition from a tacky adhesive to non-adhesive state at a precise tunable temperature. Landec’s Warm-Off technology transitions from an adhesive to non-adhesive state when the temperature increases above a pre-set transition point, whereas Cool-Off technology transitions as you decrease the temperature below the pre-set transition point.

Intelimer® Tapes

Landec has an exclusive partnership with Nitta Corporation for the sale and distribution of Intelimer Warm-Off and Cool-Off adhesive technologies within the electronics industry. Nitta Corporation sells Intelimer Tapes used during the manufacture of electronic components when adhesion is critical to efficient high-quality processing. Below are two examples showing how Intelimer Tapes can be critical to the processing of electronic components:

Carrier and Protective Tape: Intelimer Tape is used as a carrier during conveyer operations. The workpiece adheres to the tape during processing, providing secure positioning and added strength and protection from soiling during high temperature and abrasive etching and other operations. The workpiece is easily removed from the tape when processing is complete and heat is removed.

Transfer Tape: Intelimer Tape is used during the transfer process by using two different Intelimer Tapes, each with different transition temperatures. A workpiece is adhered to Tape 1 during transfer at Temperature 1. When there is a change to Temperature 2, Tape 2 is lowered onto the workpiece. The workpiece then adheres to Tape 2 and is easily released from Tape 1 for subsequent processing and manufacture.

transfer tape


For more information visit www.nitta.co.jp/english for electronic applications or contact Landec for other specialty adhesive applications.