Seed Treatments & Enhancements

Seed Treatments & Enhancements

The unique properties inherent in Intelimer Polymer technology have been applied to agricultural seed coatings and treatments. Landec’s coatings and formulations are used to regulate seed germination, protect seeds under adverse field conditions, deliver fungicides and insecticides with low dust off and good seed flow and provide sustained release of nutrients and pesticides.

IntelliCoat Pollinator PlusSeed Enhancement Coatings

Seed enhancement coatings improve the germination of crops such as corn and soybeans, protecting the seeds from adverse field conditions and environmental stress. Seed enhancements are used to promote good germination and improved seedling vigor resulting in a healthier crop and thus enhanced yield potential of high-value seeds.

  • IntelliCoat® Pollinator Plus®* is used by seed companies to delay germination and enhance an optimal natural crossing of genes in the production of hybrid seeds. Pollinator Plus is widely used in hybrid corn seed production, with use in over a half million acres since 2000. Pollinator Plus works by delaying the germination of male inbred seeds to expand the pollen shed window to better match the silking duration of female plants. Seed producers benefit by eliminating the need for split plantings and flaming operations. Use of Pollinator Plus results in higher efficiency, safer operations, improved seed purity, and overall enhanced yield. In 2012 Landec licensed the global rights to Pollinator Plus to INCOTEC.
  • IntelliCoat Seed Enhancing CoatingsEarly Plant Corn enables farmers to plant corn up to four weeks earlier than normal in the planting cycle. The seed coating controls permeability, using the temperature triggered properties of Intelimer Polymers. Below a pre-set temperature the coating restricts permeation of water protecting the seed from cold wet soils. When the soil warms up above the pre-set temperature the seed absorbs water rapidly and germinates under ideal conditions resulting in good stand establishment.
  • Relay Crop Soybean coating allows farmers to harvest two crops in one field. Coated soybean seeds are planted in early spring into fall planted spring wheat. The coating delays the germination of soybeans by 20-30 days after planting, soybeans utilize available moisture and to establish a stand prior to wheat harvest. The delayed emergence of soybeans allows farmers to harvest their winter wheat crop first while the soybeans plants are small, still under ten inches, thus not impacting the soybean development. Farmers improve overall field yield and efficiency by harvesting two crops from one field. This method is superior to traditional double cropping where stand establishment of soybeans depend on available soil moisture at the time of planting.

Seed Treatment Coatings

Seed Treatments are fast drying coatings that provide superior dust-off, improved handling (flowability) of seeds, and compatibility with a range of fungicides and insecticides. CT-1000 is used for hybrid corn and ST-1000 for soybeans.

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*IntelliCoat® Pollinator Plus® are registered trademarks of INCOTEC Field Crops North America, LLC