Medical Devices & Biomaterials

Medical Devices & Biomaterials

Landec’s subsidiary, Lifecore Biomedical, is a leading supplier of premium fermented Sodium Hyaluronate (NaHy) or hyaluronan, for use in medical applications. Lifecore NaHy can be supplied as a biomaterial in powder, putty or viscous solution form. Lifecore can also supply the finished product where the viscous NaHy solution is aseptically filled into syringes and packaged for sale as a medical device. Lifecore hyaluronan biopolymers are manufactured in a variety of molecular weights for an ever-growing range of therapeutic treatments. Today, Lifecore’s commercial applications are focused primarily within the ophthalmic, orthopedic and veterinary markets.

Ophthalmic ApplicationsOphthalmic Applications

Cataract surgery is a primary commercial application for Lifecore’s hyaluronan. NaHy, in the form of a viscoelastic solution, is used during ophthalmic surgeries, such as cataract extraction and intraocular lens implantation, to protect the corneal endothelium and other ocular tissue. NaHy has been shown to reduce surgical trauma and thereby contribute to more rapid recovery with fewer complications than were experienced prior to the use of NaHy. Lifecore supplies hyaluronan in a powder form or as a final medical device to the world’s leading ophthalmic companies. Lifecore also distributes its own branded viscoelastic medical materials under its LUROCOAT® brand internationally or for private label use outside the United States and Canada.

Orthopedic ApplicationsOrthopedic Applications

Sodium Hyaluronate is used as a viscosupplement for the knee to provide extra lubrication and cushioning, which helps adults stay active and relieves the pain and discomfort associated with osteoarthritis. NaHy is injected into the synovial joint space of the knee for patients with osteoarthritis. Lifecore also supplies hyaluronan for use in spinal surgeries. In this application, NaHy is supplied in a putty format and is used as a carrier vehicle for allogeneic demineralized bone matrix (DBM) during reconstructive spine surgery

Lifecore hyaluronan is also used in the veterinary market, especially for equine, as a veterinary orthopedic device or as a veterinary orthopedic injectable treatment. Lifecore also distributes its own viscosupplement medical device under its ORTHOLURE® brand internationally or for private label use outside the United States and Canada.

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