Controlled Release of Agrochemicals

Controlled Release of Agrochemicals

Landec is actively working to help farmers and companies better utilize their resources, improve crop yield and reduce harmful environmental impacts. It is estimated that only one tenth of pesticides applied to fields is actually utilized to defend the crop, the remaining chemical is lost in runoff, bound in the soil or applied too early or too late to be effective. Landec is investigating methods to leverage the controlled release properties of its Intelimer Polymers® to improve the effectiveness of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and nutrients by delivering sustained performance over the growing season.

Sustained Release Seed Coatings

Landec is currently leveraging its know-how in seed coatings and controlled release of active ingredients to develop a next generation sustained release platform for pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and nutrients that can be applied directly on the seed. Sustained release technology applied directly to the seed improves yield by ensuring the active is available when needed. It also significantly reduces environmental phytotoxicity by eliminating the need for excessive dosages of the chemical to be applied to the surface of the field during and after planting. Having the encapsulated active release a tailored amount of treatment for weeks after planting will also help farmers more efficiently utilize their time by reducing the number of post-planting applications.

Sustained Release Soil and Foliar Formulations

Landec is developing next generation sustained release technology for soil and foliar agrochemicals. Many agrochemicals that are spray applied are not used efficiently. These agrochemicals are often applied too early or too late in the growing season to be effective or they are washed away during a rain storm or leached into ground water. Sustained release pesticides and fertilizers can help to ensure that treatments remain effective weeks after application, enabling farmers to more efficiently utilize their time and resources while minimizing environmental impact.

"Control" Soybean

"Control" Soybean Without Landec Controlled Release Technology

“Test” Soybean

“Test” Soybean With Landec Controlled Release Technology

Above are greenhouse results of plants from seeds that have been treated with 5mg of active per seed. The “Control” did not utilize Landec controlled release technology but rather a standard seed coating. The “Control” illustrates the phytotoxic damage that can result from a high dosage of active without the benefit of Landec technology that ensures the chemical is released slowly over time.